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Homework Completion

Homework completion is a common area of concern and requires a number of skills and strategies for consistent success.

Tools for success:


One of the first skills a student needs to complete homework is to learn, record, and plan according to the due date.  An agenda is usually the best resources for due date tracking in the early grades, but other options such as a wall calendar or a digital calendar on a device are options, depending on the student.  Effectiveness should be the ultimate criteria and students may need to be open to changing methods if one does not work well. 

-estimate of time needed (will need to develop this skill)

-scheduled time (broken into manageable sessions)


-text or reference material

-make use of any accommodations from IEP


Test Prep


Test preparation, when done effectively, is a complex process that requires many of the EF skills discussed.

Some students think that studying means just reading over the material.  The best studying is active studying.  

The more involved, or active, with the material, the more likely it is to be understood and retained.

Having a plan in place helps to alleviate stress and can avoid activating procrastination if the preparation is in manageable sections well in advance of the test or exam

Tools for Success:

-review previous tests for a) types of questions, b) common errors, c) teacher particularities

-review unit material and estimate time needed to study

-plan what kind of studying technique is best for each type of content

-schedule specific times that include a) the specific time frame, b) the material to be covered, c) the study method employed (flash cards, short answer composition, etc)

-E.X. Wednesday 4pm-5pm, Outsiders novel study short answer prep, create 4 mind-maps

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