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Privacy Policy

Who is Described in this Policy


This privacy policy covers Aristos Education Services Inc., and its representatives, whether operating under the program name of Aristos Education Services Inc., Academic Behaviour Coaching, or as a licensee of StudySpot Education.


What Information We Collect


Aristos Education Services Inc. collects names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses for the purposes of contacting prospective, active, and former clients.


How We Use Your Information


Aristos Education Services Inc. uses this information to promote our programs and services and to make decisions about marketing and advertising strategies.  We do not share your information with any third party organizations.


How to Access Your Personal Information


To access or make changes to your personal information, including to remove your information from our databases, or to opt out of our marketing projects, please contact


How Your Information is Secured


We take reasonable and proportionate measures to ensure that your information is safe and is only disclosed when necessary for an intended purpose.

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