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Marble Surface


Marble Surface


Aristotle describes the sharing of interests as a key component of friendship.  By taking an interest in the student’s interests, the coach not only builds rapport, but can more effectively engage in activities such as social pretend play with a greater ability to evaluate the student’s accuracy in portraying favourite characters.


In describing effective academic interventions, Schultz and Evans (2015) write that specific interventions should only be introduced once the trust and respect of the student has been earned.  Interventions that require an initial investment of effort on the students part are more likely to be adopted if the student has a good rapport with the coach.


Like most relationships, the one developed between each student and coach will be unique.  Trust your educational instincts and be prepared to alter your initial plans and techniques as you and the student learn about each other and as the relationship develops.  Multiple approaches and techniques are provided because, not only may each student respond slightly differently, but the needs of each academic coaching relationship will vary.

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