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The purpose of the Academic Behaviour Coaching (ABC) program is to develop and supplement Executive Function (EF) skills in elementary aged students.  Part of the motivation for this is improved academic performance and the building of life-skills that are necessary for professional and social success 


This is accomplished in 3 ways: 1) the instruction of skills on a  conceptual level, 2) the application of those skills to daily life and routine, including academic responsibilities, and finally, 3) the development of habits and behaviours that support and extend these skills. 


The role of the academic coach in this process is to serve as instructor, guide, and supporter of the students.  The coach must be knowledgeable, not only regarding these concepts and skills, but also how those skills are developed into behaviours and habits. 


It is the goal of this manual to provide a reference to support the coach in developing and promoting these skills in elementary students.  The manual strives to provide clear direction for the effective development of executive function skills in elementary students.  




Academic Behaviour Coaching is a system of executive function development for elementary school aged children; it shares a theory of personality and psychopathology with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and implements research-driven, evidence-based practices.  Academic Behaviour Coaching also implements elements of Cognitive Behaviour Play Therapy which has been shown to be effective with younger students (Hirshfeld-Becker et al. 2010, Freeman et al. 2008)  Academic Behaviour Coaching is designed to build executive function skills such as those that may be identified to be deficient by a Psycho-educational Evaluation or relevant care-giver survey.

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